About Flourish Music

Flourish Music & Creative Arts provides holistic music lessons & dance lessons for all ages & skill levels, using the Flourish Method™ of creative arts education.


We thrive on seeing our students grow artistically and personally as they go through their journey.  It is so inspiring to see what they achieve!  


We believe that the world is a better place when people are expressive, connected with their expanding emotional selves, and feel free to Flourish into fuller and more authentic people. 

The Flourish Method™

Many music teachers do not take a flexible approach to each student’s struggles and goals.  There seems to be a persistent belief throughout this industry that the goal of students is to get grades and certificates and to learn to play dusty standards.  This is not the approach of the Flourish Method™. 

Through her experience and education, Ms. Catherine has developed a comprehensive and holistic approach to teaching known as the Flourish Method™. This unique approach focuses on creativity, emotionality, body awareness, and improvisation, with the ultimate goal of high levels of skill, self-confidence and creative artistic expression.  The Flourish Method is not just teaching songs, but helping coach creativity, performance skills, confidence, and mental health. The Flourish Method includes attention to physical and mental attributes of individual students, the psychology of learning, achieving “flow” states, therapeutic aspects of sound, meditation and body awareness, and creativity. This method is all about becoming a fuller, more whole and vibrant person, not just as a musician but in totality. 

This method is suitable for all ages and skill levels and fully adaptive to the needs of individuals and groups.

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